Friday, January 11, 2008


Hmm.. Wow really has been a while this time. I don't even know where to start.

Ok. Lets start with before Christmas. LP graduated from college. (GO LIL SIS!!) I actually got to come down with the fella for the graduation.

Christmas was nice. The fella had to work so I went home for the week with the puppy (that lil black dog is now 9 months old and 35 lbs I'll have everyone know!!). Had a great christmas.

Birthday was birthday.. Got a new camera. Now I'm 28. I guess I'm in the late 20s now.. It be depressing. I'm almost 30.. WOW.. ok enough with the self reflection.

Qualifying exams (aka Comps, or DCE) were Jan 7 & 8. I will not know how I did until next week sometimes. I'm worried, but I'm allowed to do that. This is basically a comprehensive final exam for ALL my doctoral classes. I can not continue if I don't pass.

Ok enough on that. The fella and I have celebrated 1 year together. Yea for us!!

The biggest thing on my list for 2008 is looking at maybe getting a house. Looking at getting healthier.

Ok - I think I"m done. Have a great weekend. I"ll be at work!