Monday, March 26, 2007

Here comes peter cotton tail

Ok - I have to do it.. I know my sister will kill me but I HAVE to put this out there.

So we are little and still sharing a room. I'm probably 9 (or 10) so that makes LP (Lil Princess for those of you who don't know the family nicknames) around 4 (or 5). Anyway the tradition was to put out the Easter Eggs in our bed rooms. We set them out and arranged them how we wanted them. Then went to bed. I was on the top bunk. We would stay up a little while talking but I wanted to go to sleep so the EB would come. LP started asking questions.

LP "When is the Easter bunny gonna come?"

Me " When you go to sleep.. now be quiet."


LP " Are you asleep yet?"

Me - " No.. but you need to go to sleep.."


LP - " What if I wake up while he's in here..?"

Me- " You won't .. go to sleep."


LP - " But how do you know.. I don't want to wake up while he's in here. "

Now I had no idea but I was just trying to get her to be quiet and go to sleep.

Me - " He sprinkles magic dust on you so that you stay asleep while he's in here."

Next thing I know - panic ensues.. LP is screaming at the top of her lungs, mom and dad come running in... Everyone is asking what is wrong. I have NO idea.. and finally..

LP (sobbing) - "I'm scared the EB is going to come, sprinkle magic dust on me, and I'll never wake up....." sobbing...

I got ugly looks from both my parents and we had to move the eggs into the living room.

That is the story. We never kept eggs in our room again.. and to this day I tease her about it.