Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Things on my mind.

Well that is a leading title isn't it. I know that it brings up many things that may or may not be talked about. I will first start with a few prayer requests. I have an old friend in town whose sister in law passed away last week. Please keep B & T in your prayers (the husband and young son) as well as the Js (the family in general). The best way to explain it was said by the preacher "Expected Shock". She had been ill for a long time.

Another prayer request is also close to my heart. A dear friend of mine has a younger brother (who is also the wife of another friend) who is a Second Leut. in the Army. He was married this passed summer and shipped to Iraq this Sept. or Oct. We recently recieved word he was injured. He has been shot in the neck. There is no apparent spinal cord damage - but at last report he had little to no feeling in his legs. Please pray for this family as well (The Es.).

Another thing on my mind is friendship. I have a horrible schedule. Between work and school, I know that it is difficult for me to see friends who come to town, and it is difficult for me to see friends when I go home. But while saying this, I feel like I make the most effort with some of them. I know my schedule isn't the best - yet I do have Friday nights free. I will discover weeks after the fact that friends came to town on Friday night and stayed all weekend but I don't get called. Also - I don't have to work on the weekends until lunch time - but I never get called to have breakfast or brunch when friends are here. They never stop by work to see me or anything. I don't understand this - and it hurts my feelings. Part of my wants to excuse it because I know I am one person and that can be easily overlooked in a group of couples - but then again - this is the group that swore nothing would change when everyone got married and I stayed single. Part of me thinks that I am usually not with this group when they come to town (because of my schedule) so it is easy to overlook seeing if I am avaliable - yet - I make the effort to call people at work and makes plans to see them when I'm in their city.

Don't get me wrong - it isn't that I think I make the only effort and they make no effort. I just feel like when they are in my town - I get forgotten when everyone is visiting because I'm working. When I'm home - everyone makes a great effort to see me because we don't get to visit often. I can't change my schedule - but when people I love are here I am willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to see them even if only for 1 or 2 hours. Yet I don't feel that I rank that high on their lists.

Yes I know I'm whining - but sometimes a girls entitled. I love my friends and family very much and miss that I can't be with them on a daily basis. I think that is all on my mind for now.

Later -