Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ready or not here I come!!

Wow! 2006 I can't believe it. I seems like just yesterday I was amazed it was 2005.

My week at home was great. I got to see all my friends and some family. The kids are getting big and they're pretty funny. They liked their presents and I enjoyed seeing them play with them. I stayed until Dec. 30th and then drove back so I was home for my birthday. I got some money, and a cake. I have asked for a framed picture of my grandparents - but that is going to take while to get.

As for the fella, I did have lunch with him the day after Christmas. It was ok - but awkward. He basically whined and complained about poor pitiful him and all the stuff going on in his life. Part of me wants to say "Get over it!" Try not getting any days off (like going to school 5 days a week, and working weekends) and then complain about not having time for your hobbies! Oh well - I know I'm better off.

I'm planning on starting a diet (surprise surprise) but I'm going about it a medical way. We'll see - I don't start until Feb 1st (it is a program).

I did get my grades and they were fine. I got all As (yea for me) so I feel good about that. I'm taking 12 hours this semester but I think they are mostly internet classes and that will help.

Anyway - life is good. I'm off until Jan 17th so I am enjoying sleeping in and not doing much. Being lazy is SOO much fun!!!


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