Thursday, December 08, 2005

And the final grade is....

Well, that is really the question isn't it. I don't know what the final grade is nor do I know what it might, could. or will possibly be. I have a horrible week a few weeks ago because I was getting so much constructive critisism that I didn't feel like I got any positive critisism. That sucks huh? I thought so.

Ok what's going on.. Mom thought she was having a heart attack - they think it was indigestion but the meds for indigestion didn't help any more than the meds for a heart attack. So who knows? She has some follow up in a few weeks to see if there is something else going on.
This really scared me - for one I was out of town. I know this is strange because I don't live in the town she lives in anyway - but I was out of my home town. Anyway, so I did not find out about it until after she was admitted. Plus I never have considered my parents mortality.
I know that sounds weird but I hadn't . They are mom and dad and they are going to be here......well for a while. I mean I know they will eventually die but not anytime soon. They don't have gradkids or health problems, or anything else like that. So it worried me and I know it scared my dad some too. I guess he always figured that mom would out live him so this was a wake up call.

Oh well, on a positive note. Still no baby... Not mine of course but a friends. She is due and ready to pop. I have taken the stance of Sunday. I claim dawn until Midnight Sunday.

I'm still seeing the Fella. He went home with me for thanksgiving and that was interesting. he did fine and my family did fine but still it was interesting. I never know how those situations are going to go. We are making plans for me to try and meet his mom (his dad died a few years ago), but it is hard with my schedule. He and I tend to agree on most things which is nice, but when we disagree on things it is major. Not a fight just a major difference of opinion. I haven't decided how I feel about that. I'm not really at a point where I can seriously look at this relationship and decided what I want from it. I know that sounds cynical but still it is true.

Other that all this school is technically done (YEA!!!) and I'm ready for the break. The plans for my holidays are clean house, and sleep. Sounds good huh. I thought so.

Anyway See ya'll later!


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