Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Here comes santa clause!

Yes - I know that Thanksgiving hasn't even passed - but I"m a Christmas fan! Life has been fun.

Went camping last week with the Fella. It was a comedy of errors. It was only supposed to be in the 50s - it got into the 30s. We brought stuff for a camp fire and to make smores - there was a burn ban. He forgot the side dishes for our steak. Just those kind of things - but it was a blast. We went to Blanchard Spring Caverens the next morning. It was beautiful. We are talking about going back to do the wilderness tour that is more like Spurlunking.

School is going great. Almost done and thank goodness. I've finished with most of my clinicals so that makes me happy! The Fella is coming home with me for Thanksgiving. That should prove interesting.

Anyway Gotta run


Blogger teacher tae said...

That sure is a small tent for two grown people!! ;)

4:58 PM  

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