Sunday, December 25, 2005

Silver Bells......Silver Bells.....It's Christmas Time in the City

Hehe. I love that song. Ok - lets see. It has been a while since I typed. As of the last time, I was seeing the fella but he was starting to get in my nerves because he always griped about me working weeekends. I had decided to give him until school started back to see if he would straighten out (this wasn't not his only fault - but whining isn't attractive on a 30 yr old). I got an email Christmas day (WHILE I"M AT WORK) and he says he wants to be friends. How cowardly is that?? I mean come on be a man and call me.... the only thing I can think of is since my birthday is next week he didn't want to do it on my birthday. Oh well - I'm not really upset (More my pride is hurt because I was going to give it time and he beat me to the punch). I deserve better than that. I need someone who can deal with me being in school, working and having just a little bit of free time. *Sigh* Remember the days where Prince Charming was supposed to ride on a white horse and you could identifiy him easily? It sucks to grow up sometimes.

Other than that christmas was interesting. On the 23rd I was to take a friend to the airport early so I stayed at her house the night before. When I got up I managed to fall down the last 3 steps in her apartment and I think I broke my tailbone.. That HURTS in case you didn't know. I had to buy a donut to sit on . It is very sad. My family came up on Friday night and we got a chance to visit. ON saturday, I got put on call for work and spent a little time with them, but I finally have to go into work around 3 om, but I did get to go home early because they didn't need me after 7pm. Sunday was christmas - It was great. We got up early and did presents and stockings. I had to go to work at 11 but that was plenty of time for the festivites. Work was busy busy busy, but I"m done for another week.
I plan on going to Monroe tomorrow to see the friends and play Santa for the children. That will be fun because I love these people. I think I might actually go to Natchitoches on Tuesday and see some people I went to high school with since they will be at their parents. I plan on coming back either wednesday or thursday. My birthday is wednesday and i don't know what I am going to do for that day. Maybe just head out of town. That could be interesting - I think i owe my sister a road trip.

Anyway - I'm going to head to bed - tomorrow is to be a busy day. Later!!


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